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Welcome To My Page!!!
Hey everybody. I finally made a webpage. Now everyone in the world can have some link to me. Thats a very scary thought. Hopefully only people i know will have any interest in this site.
August 2nd- page is up and running
August 3rd- made some more adjustments to the photo and home page
August 10- one week of band camp down, one week to go. i think ill survive
This is me (in the Spam shirt) with Mike from MxPx

Places To Go
Click on "about page" to find out more about me
Click on "photo page" to see some pictures (please, dont take any without permission)
Click on "whats new page" to find out... whats new
Click on "contact page" to find out how to contact me
Click on "favorite links" to see some of the websites i like to visit, and maybe, if you are bored with my website, you might even visit those sites

Browse around and enjoy!